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Glasgow Rangers are debatably the most famous club from Scotland, but it's their rivalry with Scotland's other big team, Celtic; that has further increased the fame of both clubs across the world. In 2010, RFC had an estimated 1,430,000 fans in the UK alone, a statistic which finds the club having more British supporters than the likes of Spurs, Newcastle and Leeds. Regardless of the quality of Scottish football, there is no doubting that Glasgow Rangers FC, despite their recent troubles are one of the most passionate clubs in Europe with a history going back to 1873 that shines when compared to many of the "big" English clubs south of the border.

The majority of Rangers games are broadcast on TV via ESPN and Sky Sports in the UK, however, many of the Saturday 3pm kick-offs are not televised in Scotland, leading fans to look online to find the latest Rangers streams. You can watch Rangers v Hearts stream here with our picks for the best sites to follow live SPL matches online and get streaming broadcasts for all Rangers games whether on TV or not!

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